Things have been hectic since the book's release in September but I've had a great time talking to people across the country about Fat Girls in Black Bodies! 

Some of my most memorable appearances are below!



No need to shrink yourself in order to belong...

Fat Girls in Black Bodies combine razor-sharp cultural commentary, scientific research, and community voices to expose the racist roots of diet culture, healthism, and the ways society erroneously conflates body size with personal responsibility.

To be a womxn living in a body at the intersection of fat and Black is to be on the margins. From concern-trolling–“I just want you to be healthy“–to outright attacks, fat Black bodies that fall outside dominant constructs of beauty and wellness are subjected to healthism, racism, and misogynoir. The spaces carved out by third-wave feminism and the fat liberation movement fail at true inclusivity and intersectionality; fat Black womxn need to create their own safe spaces and community, instead of tirelessly laboring to educate and push back against dominant groups.

Writing this book was both empowering and healing. Through the power of our stories, we're changing the narrative one page at a time. 

fat girls in black bodies creating a new space of belonging

“Fat Girls in Black Bodies is essential reading for anyone interested in body liberation. Weaving together memoir and scholarship, Joy Cox shines a light on the intersecting oppressions faced by fat Black womxn in contemporary culture, and the power of community to help heal the wounds of injustice. I’m grateful to have this important book informing my work as a Health at Every Size healthcare provider and activist.”

Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN, author of Anti-Diet